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Italian Pizza, Pasta and Bread Flour

Flour is an essential item for any kitchen or pantry. Ratton Pantry stocks a selection of premium Italian flours from some of the best Italian flour mills including Caputo, Dallagiovanna, Molino Puzzuti and Petra by Molino Quaglia.

We supply all types of Italian flour including; Italian Tipo "00", Italian Tipo "0" and Italian Tipo "1". We have specialised Italian flours for pasta, pizza, bread and leavened products such as panettone and pandoro.

Try out new flours by purchasing smaller 1kg and 1.5kg bags from us, before working your way up to larger 16kg and 25kg wholesale/trade flour sacks.

Own a restaurant or Pizzeria? We supply to many businesses around the UK and can supply quantities as pallet loads or larger. Fast next-day delivery, trade customer discounts and smaller minimum order requirements than most other food service companies out there, mean that we're an attractive option for your business. Learn more about Ratton Pantry trade/business accounts.

Buy Italian Flour from Ratton Pantry.