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Blanched Ground Almond Flour

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Our Blanched Ground Almond Flour is made from the highest quality Almonds, Gluten-Free, 100% Almonds.

Also called “Ground Almonds” or in the US “Almond Meal.

Produced By Grinding the Whole Blanched Almonds this Flour Contains All the Almond Oil Goodness.

Almond Taste and Aroma, Standard Ground Almond Consistency.

Ideal Almond Flour for Ketogenic Diets and Gluten-Free Diets.
Buy Almond Flour at Ratton Pantry.


Ratton Pantry is an independent, family owned business. Recognising the need for good quality baking ingredients online, we set about stocking a selection of premium kitchen, pantry and baking essentials such as flour and yeast, along with premium imported Italian ingredients.