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Same Day Dispatch - Order By 2pm (Mon-Fri) | Next Day Delivery | Rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Re Carlo Carnaroli Rice 1kg

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Re Carlo Carnaroli rice with its large grains and elongated shape is certainly the one that remains ‘al dente’.

Loved by fine cooking artists, Carnaroli rice is capable of turning your everyday dishes into signature cuisine. 

Also known as ‘the king of rice’, Carnaroli is among the most popular varieties of Italian rice in the world for its excellent resistance to being overcooked and the ability to absorb aromas and condiments in an excellent way.

The grain maintains its consistency for a long time even once cooked.

All these characteristics make it ideal for your risotto, rice salads, paella or arancini (Sicilian rice balls).

The manufacturing cycle of this rice is carried out mechanically, therefore NO chemical substances are added during the four phases of production which are the followings:

  • Hulling: the first skin (husk) is removed. The result is a wholemeal rice
  • Second husking: the two remaining films are removed. The result is a pearl white rice
  • Separation: the fragile grains which broke during the first two phases are separated from the whole grains through sieves, as the irregular shape of the grains would lead to uneven cooking
  • Selection: the white grains are separated from those that differ in color or have streaks


About the producer:

Riseria Re Carlo was founded in 1957 by Carlo Re in Albano Vercellese (Vercelli) - Italian region of Piedmont.

Among the many excellences for which Piedmont is famous, Vercelli, also knowns as the ‘City of Rice’, takes a particular place. Thanks to its predominant territorial peculiarity, this is the province of reference for European rice production.

At the time of its birth, Re Carlo Rice Mill consisted of an old mill where the water jump of the nearby Molinara river set in motion the large wheel, which in turn set the various gears and pulleys in motion.

Nowadays the most advanced technologies have joined forces with ancient manufacturing procedures.

The processing cycle is carried out mechanically and not chemically, in fact no substances are added either before, during or after the husking.

Riseria Re Carlo pays utmost attention to the selection process, so that only the best grains, equal in size are brought to your home, to guarantee an even cooking.  


Our recommendation:

Italian classic risotto dishes:

  • risotto with asparagus
  • risotto with porcini mushrooms
  • risotto with radicchio

 Our favourite rice salad: tuna, artichokes, buffalo mozzarella.


Directions of use:

Cooking time: 16-18 minutes.

Store in a cool dry place.



Carnaroli rice - product of Italy


Nutritional values / 100 gr:


345 kcal


0.55 gr


90.3 gr


0.31 gr


8.23 ​​gr



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