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Salsa Romesco - 165g Jar

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Salsa Romesco is a classic salsa from Catalunya. It is a rich, mildly spicy sauce, made with Noras peppers, tomatoes, almonds and nibbed hazelnuts. Throughout Catalunya in the spring, families gather together to eat the new harvest of a type of long spring onion called a 'Calcot'. These are barbequed and eaten whole, dipped into this delicious Romesco sauce. This is known as a Calcotada! During the remainder of the year, Romesco is a dip for grilled vegetables such as artichokes and roasted peppers. It is also served with grilled fish and seafood, or used in seafood stews like the famous Catalan mixed seafood stew, 'Suquet du Peix'.

Why not try adding romesco to oven roast leeks. Bake the leeks until softened and lightly browned. Generously smother in Salsa Romeso and crumbed semi-soft goats cheese. Makes a sensational side, which pairs well with a variety of dishes; particularly tasty with pork or chicken.

INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes, roasted peppers, Noras pepper paste (peppers, citric acid), extra virgin olive oil, hazelnuts, almonds, purple garlic (garlic, salt, citric acid), hot Spanish paprika, salt cornflour, black pepper,



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