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How To Hand Mix Any Dough Tutorial (Video) - Wayne Caddy, Sourdough Slingers.

How To Hand Mix Any Dough Tutorial (Video) - Wayne Caddy, Sourdough Slingers.

Ultimate step by step guide to hand mixing dough with theoretical explanation of what's happening. Covers... autolyse, stretch and fold, final dough temperature and the impact of water and other core ingredients on the dough.


With more than thirty years of experience in the industry, Wayne is keen to pass on his expertise to a new generation of artisan bakers.

Master Baker at The School of Artisan Food on the Welbeck Estate for the past nine years, Wayne Caddy has been awarded the prestigious Elite de la Boulangerie Internationale award and becomes one of only a handful of people across the world to join the Elite Club of Artisanal Bakery.

Wayne was the first UK baker to compete at the baking Coupe du Monde and Masters de la Boulangerie. Wayne was in Paris as part of a select panel of international bakers judging the profession’s best candidates competing for the highly sought after World Master Baker title.

Wayne teaches a range of shorter courses for the home baker through to the professional wanting to update skills and expand their knowledge of artisan baking techniques


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