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Bonne Maman

We absolutely adore Bonne Maman here at Ratton Pantry and are pleased to be able to stock a range of their delicious products. Bonne Maman produces a huge variety of honey, chutney and marmalade, but are most known for their Bonne Maman conserves. 

Instantly recognisable by their beautiful hand-written style labels and Gingham-patterned lids, Bonne Maman was first created in 1971. With each products being made with five simple ingredients that could be found in your kitchen and without high fructose corn syrup, additives, or preservatives, Bonne Maman products are loved the world over.

Here at Ratton Pantry, we particularly love Bonne Maman Mini Jars 30g available in; Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve, Bonne Maman Bitter Orange Marmalade, Bonne Maman Raspberry Conserve, Bonne Maman Apricot Conserve, Bonne Maman Blackcurrant Conserve and Bonne Maman Honey. Enjoy posh hotel vibes at home, with all the same good taste and ingredients of the Bonne Maman Conserves, simply in a smaller, more convenient format.

Bonne Maman are even rumoured to have sheltered people during the Holocaust.

  • Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve 30g Mini Jams|6|12|24 Pack - Ratton Pantry

    Bonne Maman Conserve 30g Mini Jams 6 - 60 Pack | Strawberry | Raspberry | Marmalade | Blackcurrant | Honey | Apricot

    from £3.49
    In Stock | Same Day Dispatch up to 2pm (Mon-Fri) | Express Delivery Available

    Flavours available: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bitter Orange Marmalade, Black Currant, Apricot & honey. The Bonne Maman Conserves are perfect for ...

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    from £3.49
    In Stock | Same Day Dispatch up to 2pm (Mon-Fri) | Express Delivery Available