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ArtChocolat Handcrafted Artisan Chocolates


We aren’t some commercial, mass producing company who care only about efficiency, numbers and marketing yet forsake quality. Nor are we the opposite, the fancy shmancy kind of company who’s snobbery and alienating language probably put you off eating good chocolate a long time ago. We like to think of ourselves as somewhere in between.

Here at ArtChocolat, we just love chocolate. Chocolate and it’s endless possibilities. We are lovers of complexity and simplicity. Lovers of the colourful and vibrant, and also the blank canvas. Lovers of Dark, Milk and White. Lovers of Smooth, Chewy, Hard, Soft and Crunchy textures. Lovers of plain ol’ chocolate bars, and bonbons with complex layers and flavours. Lovers of chocolates from here, there and everywhere around the world. Lovers of the Cacao farmers, who make our entire chocolate vision possible. We are ArtChocolat.


Our vision is to make chocolate fun again.

We feel that chocolate has become a tale of two sides in recent years.

You can either have the fine chocolates with all the fancy gimmicks along with it, such as ‘origins’, ‘tasting notes’ or ‘cacao species’ and so many percentages you’d think you’re in a maths class.

Or you can have the chocolate that is marketed as very fun and tasty, but in reality leaves a lot to be desired when you actually bite into it.

We thought to ourselves, why not combine the best of both worlds?

Why not take the amazing flavours and interesting stories of fine chocolate production, and make it fun and playful!

So that’s what we have set out to do!

Our vision is to make quality, delicious chocolate products whilst making it fun at the same time!

After all chocolate should be fun to eat, look at, and make. So let’s keep it that way!



The seeds for ArtChocolat’s growth were planted when, back in the summer of 2018, our Founder and Head Chocolatier Jack Ralph had just finished his first year at University as a Law student.

However, there was a lacklustre feeling left in him after he had finished that first year. After deciding that Law was not an industry where he was going to enjoy himself, he took a leap of faith and dropped out, unsure of his next move.

He had always liked food as a hobby, so he decided to give it a shot and taste what was out there, starting with the restaurant industry.

After a few months at a restaurant, Jack had developed a love for pastry, and in particular chocolate. Once he had bought his first mould, a thermometer and some good couverture chocolate, there was no looking back.

Despite falling out of love with restaurants, chocolate had become an obsession for Jack and he couldn’t stop making it. Naturally, it became what he wanted to do for a career, but nobody near him was making the kind of fun yet high quality chocolate creations that he wanted to make.

Therefore, he decided to launch ArtChocolat and do it himself!

And here we are now, trying to combine the fun, playful side of chocolate and the beauty of art, with the high quality cacao that just tastes so so good!

Buy ArtChocolat at Ratton Pantry.