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Lesaffre Yeast, Improvers & Mixes

Did you know that one in every three loaves of bread eaten in the world today contains Lesaffre yeast? Lesaffre offer a diverse number of functional baking ingredients and mixes, a complete range of sourdoughs and hundreds of specialist yeasts. Lesaffre offers a wealth of experience in each of these fields to bakers all over the world.

In 1853, Louis Lesaffre and Louis Bonduelle, two farmer’s sons from northern France, got together to build a plant producing alcohol from grain and juniper berries at Marquette-lez-Lille. Originally, yeast was nothing more than a by-product of the process for manufacturing alcohol from grain.

It wasn't until 1871 that the Austrian Baron Max von Springer, owner of an excellent distillery at Maisons-Alfort, introduced from Vienna the idea of extracting yeast from the grain fermentation wort and selling it to bakers. Up until that time, bakers had used their own sourdough, sometimes accompanied by residual brewery yeast. The following year, Lesaffre and Bonduele developed the process of manufacturing fresh yeast at Marcq-en-Baroeul, with the operation being housed in a former mill.

Today we have access to a vast range of yeasts, from DCL Fresh Yeast to Lesaffre Saf-Instant® Instant Dry Yeast (IDY) and Active Dry Yeast (ADY).

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