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Rega Italian Peeled Tomatoes & Rega San Marzano Tomatoes

Agriconserve Rega was founded in 1965, the year in which Luigi Rega starts his agricultural activity.

This man has an intuition: to replenish the natural vocation of his land, dedicating himself to the production of tomatoes, one of the most cultivated products of the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese.

This living soil, collected between the Picentini mountains and Lattari mountains, on which Vesuvius majestically overlooks, benefits from the influence of the sea and has conditions excellent edaphic for tomato cultivation San Marzano DOP.

“Elongated shape of the berry with parallel longitudinal depressions, bright red color, scarce presence of seeds and placenta! fibers, bright red skin and easy to peel, typically sweet and sour taste:’

The only tomato in the world to have these characteristics is San Marzano DOP. Born in Campania on the slopes of Vesuvius, its roots sink into a land of volcanic nature, fertile and rich in minerals, and its flowers breathe the Mediterranean climate, from the height of their supports. Yes, because the cultivation technique of the plants of San Marzano provides for a vertical type of breeding, respecting a centuries-old tradition.

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