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Borgo Rovagnati Sliced Mortadella with Bronte Pistacchios DOP - 110g

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Borgo Rovagnati offer sliced Mortadella with a unique and unmistakeable taste. Made exclusively with Italian meat according to the traditional methods of Italian charcuterie. Only the finest cuts of pork are used in this product. It is slow-cooked in traditional brick ovens that preserve its characteristic soft and meaty consistency.


Made with Bronte D.O.P Pistachios. The Sicilians call it the frastuca (from frastucara, pistachio plant) or Oro Verde (Green Gold): the Bronte pistachio is rooted, literally and figuratively, in the town of Bronte on the western slopes of Mount Etna.
The hard and arid soil and harsh climate don’t stop the harvest from taking place every two years in September, from plants that can live over 300 years - but they do give the pistachios extraordinary flavour and aroma.
This little fruit holds generations of tradition, passed down from father to son. That’s why we chose it for our Borgo Rovagnati Mortadella: the perfect blend of quality and celebration of the territory.
Gluten free. Milk Free.



Ratton Pantry is a family business originally founded by two very keen home bakers and cooks, Victoria and Sean. Recognising the need for good quality baking ingredients during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and having problems procuring these goods for ourselves, we set about stocking a selection of premium kitchen, pantry and baking essentials such as flour and yeast, along with premium imported Italian ingredients.