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Fini I.G.P 1 Leaf Balsamic Vinegar - 500ml Glass Bottle

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Fini I.G.P 1 Leaf Balsamic Vinegar offers a smooth, aromatic and well-balanced balsamic vinegar.

Use for salad dressings, sprinkled over mozzarella, or to marinate chicken, meat, fish and vegetables.

What is I.G.P?

I.G.P stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta (literally in English “Protected Geographical Indication”) label. The label displays a blue IGP/PGI seal. In this case, the product has to be closely linked to a specific geographical area. This label guarantees that at least one phase of the production or one primary ingredient originates in a specific geographical area.

500ml Glass Bottle. Produced in Modena, Italy.

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About Acetaia FINI Modena

Right in the heart of Modena, Telesforo Fini, a former delicatessen apprentice who loved good food and the small pleasures of daily life, founded a family-run speciality shop that soon rendered both his name and its products famous all over the world.

Acetaia FINI Modena is one of the most prestigious companies in its sector, present in over 45 countries. Despite its widespread diffusion and numerous productions, the company remains close to our land, our story, and to the original recipes that we continue to use.


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