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Lesaffre Saf-Instant® Red Instant Dry Yeast 125g

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Lesaffre Saf-instant® Red yeast is an instant dried yeast, which has been specially developed for lean or low sugar dough (0-10% sugar/weight of flour). Added directly to the flour, or at the start of the mixing process. Saf-instant yeast is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the dough to give the best fermentation results.

A key ingredient in fermentation, yeast brings dough to life. It helps develop taste, enhances flavors and lends volume to a loaf. Saf-instant® Red yeast is a product of natural origin, which can be used daily to guarantee stable, consistent results and optimum efficiency.


Saf-Instant yeast is suitable for all bread-making processes. Simple to use, it can be incorporated directly into the kneader, mixed with flour or added at the start of kneading.


The performance of its fermentation strength and its speed of implementation are the main qualities of saf-instant instant dry yeast throughout its conservation. Regular, it is suitable for all types of bread-making. It is also suitable for the most extreme climatic conditions. Instant dry yeast often allows a quick and even distribution in the dough. The incorporation into the kneader is carried out directly by mixing it dry in the flour or by sprinkling it above the dough at the start of the kneading.


Store in a cool, dry place in its original packaging.

The vacuum bags guarantee the stability of the product at room temperature until the date appearing on its packaging.

It retains all its performance until the expiry date indicated on the packaging. After opening, store in an airtight container.

Made in France.


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