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Morelli Red Chilli Linguine Pasta - 250g

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Premium red chilli flavoured Italian pasta by Morelli.

Dried egg pasta with wheat germ that gives an unmistakable flavour. An intense wheat aroma is released during cooking.

Morelli's red chili linguine pasta can be used in classic Italian dishes and is especially good served al dente with just a touch of olive oil and garlic and paired with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The spicy noodles hold up beautifully in more complex meals with vegetables, meats, or seafood added to it as well.

Great with any sauce you want to add some spice to. Try your own 'aglio, olio e peperoncino' a classic Italian quick recipe. Heat some EVOO and sizzle a little garlic in it, cook the pasta and add to the garlic oil. Serve with parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Pasta Morelli is considered to be of the finest quality for its wheat germ and selected best durum wheats, grown and farmed in Tuscany.

Cooking time 6-7 minutes.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

About Morelli

Morelli has been creating gourmet Italian pasta in Tuscany since 1860 and is a family run company with the 5th generation currently preserving the traditions their ancestors put into place. They utilize an artisanal method of reincorporating wheat germ into semolina to create their pasta with a unique taste and the aroma of wheat. Their pasta also has a high level of Vitamin A and D due to their unusual ingredients.

Morelli offers classic and traditional types of pasta such as Tacconi, Pici di Siena, and Tagliatelle. They also have pasta that features aromas such as saffron, Boletus mushrooms, and sepia in order to offer a full and comprehensive range of pasta products. Morelli pasta is something else!


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