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Northern Pasta Co. Casarecce Artisan British Spelt Pasta - 450g

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Northern Pasta Co. Casarecce Artisan British Spelt Pasta.

Great Taste award winning pasta.

Northern Pasta Casarecce; beautiful scrolls of delicious British pasta. The narrow grooves that run down the middle of each Casarecce piece are perfect for holding onto your sauce, while also giving you that al dente bite. Their twisted shape makes them the ultimate comforting dinner, with a rich ragu or a hearty dollop of your favourite pesto.

pronounced: cah-sah-ret-chee

Casarecce originated in Sicily and literally means 'homemade.' This delicious pasta was originally crafted by rolling pasta dough around a thin wooden rod.

Crafted at Northern Pasta's HQ in Cumbria with regeneratively grown British Spelt.
Northern Pasta is made in small batches, using traditional Italian techniques that allow them to create pasta with incredible texture and flavour, while taking care of the high quality ingredients used. It takes time to make pasta this good!

Northern Pasta is wonderfully light & many customers find it easier to digest thanks to the British Spelt & careful methods used.

This pasta is just as good with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a sprinkling of cheese as it is with your favourite pasta sauce.

What is Spelt?

Spelt is an Ancient Grain, believed to have been cultivated since 5000BC. And this is good, because unlike a lot of our modern wheats it has not been genetically modified.
It does contain some gluten, but the gluten has not been altered, it is natural, therefore more soluble. It is the unnatural, large quantities of gluten in modern flours that our bodies often react to. Spelt has a gorgeous, nutty flavour.

What is the best way to cook Northern Pasta?

Fill a large saucepan with lots of water & bring to the boil. Add a large pinch of salt (we want salty-seawater) & then add your pasta following the timings on the bag. Taste your pasta before the time is up for the best al dente bite. Drain in a colander. be sure to keep some cooking water. Toss in your delicious sauce adding the cooking water as needed to coat your pasta perfectly.

Suitable for Vegans.

100% paper packaging.

ALLERGENS: Wheat, Gluten

WEIGHT: 450g per bag

About Northern Pasta Co.

Northern Pasta Co are a husband & wife team, on a mission to create out of this world pasta while celebrating British farmers & incredible British grains. Their desire for delicious, British pasta that celebrates British farming, cares for the planet & takes care of our gut-health led them to Northern Pasta Co.

They craft all their pasta themselves from their Northern Pasta HQ on the outskirts of the Lake District. Crafting in small batches means each pasta piece gets the love it deserves. The Spelt they use is grown using regenerative farming methods that nurture biodiversity, soil-heath and ecosystems. Their award-winning British Pasta is created using traditional Italian methods. All their shapes are extruded through Italian Bronze Dies which is why their pasta has such incredible texture, that rough surface giving it perfect pasta sauce holding capabilities.

Northern Pasta is slow dried to develop flavour & texture while not burning the starch. This means the pasta is lighter & for some is easier to digest.

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