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Craft Baking Courses 2022/23 - PANARY, Cann Mills

Craft Baking Courses 2022/23 - PANARY, Cann Mills

Craft Baking Courses with PANARY.

PANARY runs a range of 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, and Residential craft baking courses suitable for all levels of bakers from a beginner, intermediate to the advanced.

Class sizes are limited to 4 places to ensure a small group and tutorial atmosphere.

Day one of all courses begins at 10 am with subsequent days beginning at 9 am. The day finishes between 5 and 6 pm.
Unless otherwise stated, all courses run at:

Cann Mills

To view more details of each baking course, availability and to make a booking, please click the links below.

Craft baking courses – a summary

To view baking courses by level, please click the links below:


About Paul Merry

"I’ve been involved with craft baking and masonry ovens for over forty years, and have been teaching courses for nearly 20 years".

"When not teaching, I am a consultant in traditional baking or dealing with my French wood-fired ovens for which I am an agent in Britain".

"I find it a real pleasure to teach, and consider myself a lucky person for being able to say that I really like my work and being a baker".


About Cann Mills

Cann Mills is a traditional watermill that makes a professional range of flours from its stones and sieves. It has recently built up an expanding range of organic flours.

The miller, Michael Stoate (of Stoates Flour) is pleased to host PANARY courses and is available for students to meet on weekdays. There is ample opportunity to arrange to buy his flours.

Shop Stoates Flour at Ratton Pantry

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