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Rega and Solania San Marzano Tomatoes & What Does DOP Mean? - Ratton Pantry

Rega and Solania San Marzano Tomatoes & What Does DOP Mean?

San Marzano tomatoes. So good, they’re classified.

Tinned tomatoes are a staple stock cupboard item these days, and not usually given a second thought; providing a base for pasta sauces, and enhancing cooking in kitchens the world over.

Here at Ratton Pantry, we like to source ingredients and products from around the world and introduce home bakers, restaurateurs, and cooking enthusiasts to items they might not have considered before. Our Rega and Solania San Marzano tinned tomatoes are a prime example of this.  You may not have thought about the humble tinned tomato before, but let us enlighten you, as to why you should.


So what does DOP Mean?

San Marzano tinned tomatoes are classified with the Protected Designation of Origin (DPO in English, DOP in Italian). This identification by the EU ensures that products are locally grown and packaged by local farmers and artisans using traditional methods. Every step of the process of the products, from growing, to packaging is strictly regulated; a consumer guarantee, if you like.  This means that San Marzano tomatoes rank alongside more familiar Italian food, like Parmigiano-reggiano, mozzarella di bufala, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.

Heirloom plant conservationist, Amy Goldman Fowler, stated that the San Marzano tomato is  "the most important industrial tomato of the 20th century" quite the accolade for a humble plum tomato! 

For those who might avoid tomatoes, either fresh or tinned, because of the acidity, San Marzano tomatoes might change your mind.  As San Marzano plum tomatoes are only grown in the Sarnese Nocerino, in the Campania region of southern Italy, they are truly unique in that they grow in a Mediterrean climate, in the rich, fertile volcanic soil around Mount Vesuvius. This robust plum tomato, with its soft flesh, and low acidity means that you don’t need to worry about adding sugar to sweeten them, and they make possibly the best pizza sauce around. Pizzerias have been using San Marzano tomatoes for years, and now Ratton Pantry can deliver these to your doorsteps. 

In essence, tinned tomatoes capture the tomatoes at their peak, and the goodness, sweetness and goodness is suspended until they are used. So whether you are making Italian tomato soup, pizza sauces, or pasta dishes, once you start using San Marzano tomatoes, you’ll never want to cook with anything else.  The tomatoes have fewer seeds than more common varieties of tomatoes so they blend into the most delectable sauces. 

So why not bring the authenticity of an Italian Pizzeria to your dinner table? There is a misconception that pizza is a relatively modern culinary delight but the concept of the pizza dates back to the late 1790’s, and has even been endorsed by royalty.  Ever wondered where the Margherita pizza derives its name from? Read here. San Marzano tomatoes are the ONLY tomatoes that can make a truly authentic Neopolitan Pizza, and if you want to stay true to the origins, here is a link to the key core ingredients.

Ratton Pantry currently stock Rega and Solania DOP Pomodoro San Marzano in 400g tins, 800g tins or 2.5kg tins. So if you’re just wanting to try a tin for your next family pasta dinner, or a pizzeria wanting to stock up, we can cater for your needs.  

So are San Marzano tomatoes worth it?

Of course, we are going to say they are, but try them for yourself and let us know what you think.

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