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Gloria Pecorino Del Monte - Approx. 300g

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Pecorino Del Monte comes with a compact, straw-yellow colour.

Quite sparse and tiny eye-holes giving a sweet aromatic taste.

A mild climate, varied vegetation with rows of poplars, vineyards and olive groves, an altitude of around 700 metres and a strategic position embracing the whole of the Tyrrhenian area from Cetraro to Scilla and from Lamezia Terme to Gioia Tauro, make the Monte Poro plateau in Calabria an ideal place for the production of special cheeses.

Pecorino del Monte Poro PDO (recognised by the European Commission in 2020) is renowned for its centuries-old tradition and is still produced exclusively from the milk of sheep that graze in the wild on the heights of the Poro.

Pecorino del Monte Poro is a cheese that many consider to be the best in southern Italy, recognised by experts in the sector as an Italian culinary excellence, to be enjoyed sliced with a classic Calabrian starter, often grated over pasta with pork, or, in a more chic version, combined with jams and perhaps enjoyed with a glass of good Calabrian wine.

Gluten Free.

Perfect grated on pasta, sauces, pizza, grated in soups or on salad, chunked and served with balsamic vinegar and a glass of Prosecco.

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