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Greci Cream of Mantuan Pumpkin - 830g

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Greci ProntoFresco offers Cream of Mantuan Pumpkin

Puree made from 100% fresh Italian pumpkin.

High quality, high yield and ready to use.

Ideal for first course dishes, fillings, soups and desserts. Can be thickened to use as a pizza topping, a great alternative to a tomato base giving a bright yellow splash of colour and sweet taste.

Gluten Free. Suitable to vegetarians.

Larger Restaurant and Food Service 830g tin, but also suitable for home cooks.

Ingredients: Pumpkin 84%, Butter From Milk, Vegetable Fibre, Sugar, Salt, Pepper

Greci Cream of Mantuan Pumpkin 830g available at Ratton Pantry.

About Greci ProntoFresco

Passion and enthusiasm for food have played a huge role in the establishment of Greci. Established in 1923 in the Parma countryside, or the heart of the ‘Food Valley’, Greci began as a company specialising in the transformation of tomatoes.

In 1973, they decided to dedicate their production exclusively to professional catering and launched the Prontofresco tinned vegetable range. It was a huge hit. Their desire to produce real food, coupled with a passion for cooking and fundamental beliefs in creating nutritious products have meant the company is held in the highest esteem in Italy, and around the world.. Staying true to their fundamental values of quality, sustainability, and tradition has paid dividends.

Today, Greci specialises in supplying the food service sector with a wide range of superior products from their Prontofresco range. These include tomatoes, olives, vegetables and pulses. They also produce  a wide variety of gluten and lactose free products, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and processed from 100% Italian raw materials, freshly picked during the harvest season. All of these products are made using non-invasive production processes and are nutritionally balanced without sacrificing taste.


Ratton Pantry is an independent, family owned business. Recognising the need for good quality baking ingredients online, we set about stocking a selection of premium kitchen, pantry and baking essentials such as flour and yeast, along with premium imported Italian ingredients.