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All Things Butter

All Things Butter: Heritage butter for modern foodies.

All Things Butter was created by renowned UK chef Thomas Straker to educate and showcase how great butter can elevate everyday eating. From humble toasting to decadent hosting, our mission is to place butter at the forefront of the digi-food generation while celebrating the time-honoured traditions of British farming.

Proper farming.

Nestled in the heart of Somerset, our farm is a stone's throw from Glastonbury Tor. The
same family has farmed this land since the 1500s. The traditional batch churning and hand-salting methods that make our butter so good have been passed down for generations.

Relaxed happy cows.

Our girls are treated with exceptional levels of care and even have their own welfare team. They're grass fed on Somerset's lush moors for six months of the year, with maize, grass silage and whole-crop wheat grown to supplement their diets in the colder months.

Stampede of flavours.

Elevate your every day cooking with flavoured butter. Garlic & Herb and Chilli available now with more flavours coming soon. Recipes formulated by chef and King of Butter, Thomas Straker. Check him out here: @Thomas_Straker

Buy All Things Butter at Ratton Pantry.