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Flour is an essential item for any kitchen or pantry. Its use for baking bread, cakes, creating beautiful italian pizzas and pasta or even adding to sauces or frying delicious pancakes, makes flour one of the most versatile ingredients you can have available.

At Ratton Pantry we stock a wide variety of different flours from Strong White Bread flour, to wholemeal flour, Italian '00' flour, Self Raising and Plain flours to ancient grain Spelt, Rye and Khorasan flours.

Ratton Pantry also specialises in offering a selection of Organic Flour and Regenerative Flour, stocked for their eco credentials and good-for-the-planet growing methods and endorsed by strict certifications such as The Soil Association, OF&G Organic and the Organic Food Federation.

Stocking only the most premium brands available such as Matthews Cotswold, Wessex Mill, Marriage's and Stoate's, you know we select only the best flours on the market. Ratton Pantry also stocks a selection of premium Italian flours from some of the best Italian flour mills, including Caputo, Dallagiovanna and Molino Puzzuti.

Most recently, we've started to import the best French Flour available from Foricher. Providing flour for a wide range of applications, Foricher's T65 Baguette Flour, T45 Croissant & Brioche French Patisserie Flour, T150 Wholemeal Bread Flour and T130 French Rye Flour cover all of your french baking needs.

Buy flour online from Ratton Pantry.