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Gluten-Free Flour, Non-Wheat Flour & Mixes

Ratton Pantry is pleased to offer a huge collection of non-wheat and gluten-free flours by Shipton Mill to compliment our overall offering of premium and artisan flours for home-bakers and bakeries.

For people suffering from Coeliac disease, or for those that simply want to cut down or adopt an entirely gluten-free lifestyle, Gluten-free flour substitutions include amaranth flour, bean flour, corn flour, corn meal, millet flour, ground nuts, oat flour, potato flour, quinoa flour, rice flour, sorghum flour, soy flour, and tapioca flour or starch.

Outside the Western world, approximately 2/3rd of the world do not regularly eat wheat or wheat flour based products, relying on the benefits of maize or rice. To these nations, gluten free is the norm rather than the exception forced upon them by medical necessity.

In the West, so many more people are now finding themselves unable or unwilling to eat the so called “normal” flours containing gluten. This has given rise or at least made a huge contribution to a whole new food sector that is essentially labelled FREE FROM.

To many this means that the products are not for them – they are for dietary challenged individuals and could not possibly feature in a traditional diet or everyday food cupboard that most of us enjoy the full run of.

Shipton Mill’s NEW range of non-wheat flours are a really special range of unique and very interesting flours made from a variety of interesting grains and seeds. They are all milled in our new purpose-built mill on brand new equipment.

They are all, as it happens, Gluten Free, but they can be used by anyone to make tasty variations and additions to normal cooking as well as by those needing a gluten-free range of flours to thicken sauces, make biscuits or gluten-free bread and cake alternatives.

Many of the flours in this section are used in combination with other similar or gluten-free flours rather than individually. Naturally this depends on the recipe, but typically combinations of different flours combine to give different effects and are rarely used on their own.

Buy Non-Wheat and Gluten Free Flour from Ratton Pantry.