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Heygates® Flour

We absolutely love Heygates® flour here at Ratton Pantry. After enjoying baking with Heygates for many years, we decided to stock a good range of it here so that others can enjoy the experience of cooking with it. We offer a wide range of Heygates flours including Rye flour, strong white bread flours, pastry flour along with your classic premium plain/culinary and self-raising flours.

Whether it's baking your favourite loaf of bread or your next victoria sponge cake, Heygates flour is the way to go, give it a try and you'll never look back! Stock up with Heygates Flour 16kg Bags and benefit from lower £/kg prices or purchase smaller 2kg and 6kg bag options.

As the Domesday Book testifies there has been a mill on the very same site at Bugbrooke Northamptonshire for over one thousand years.  The site is now the group’s headquarters situated next to the River Nene.

Heygates are a family business that has farmed in Northamptonshire since 1562 and we moved into milling in the 19th Century, when the grandfather Mr Arthur Robert Heygate Senior of the present joint managing directors, Mr Paul Heygate and Mr Bob Heygate, took over the family mill at Bugbrooke.

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