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Petra Flour By Molino Quaglia

Molino Quaglia are family millers. Over time flour has lost its identity, so much so that still today, many consider it a low-value ingredient. From its very origin in 1913, Molino Quaglia has been committed to giving flour an irreplaceable quality, strong in the knowledge that the true ingredient is the original wheat, and flour is its doughy form. And the miller's task is choosing every year the best wheat and process it with care respecting its nutritional properties and full taste.

Wheat & Technology.

In over a century and generation after generation, the Quaglia family has improved its ability to recognise the quality of wheat, dealing directly with farmers and wheat storage organisations, and, at the same time, constantly updating the technology of milling systems. Molino Quaglia has always been at the forefront, from the days when the stones were operated by the water of the Adige river until today's plant, which is equipped with the most sophisticated tools for cleaning, optical sorting, cylinder, and stone grinding common wheat.

Italian Common Wheat.

Italy purchases from EU countries and imports from abroad more than 60% of its common wheat. In this market scenario, the Quaglia family has always expressed special attention towards Italian farmers, stimulating them to use sustainable farming techniques, such as integrated and organic farming, through supply chain contracts. Today, Molino Quaglia purchases Italy more than 60% (aiming at an ideal 75%) of its demand for grains: an exceptional result with positive consequences for the rural economy of the surrounding areas and for the environment in general.

Natural Technology.

Molino Quaglia's petra flours are natural, i.e. They only contain common wheat that is ground to be used in the dough for sweet and savoury bakery products without adding anything to the strength of nature to help them control the rising power of yeast. The journey of wheat on its way to becoming flour, through the 7 floors of the modern mill, starts from the state-of-the-art optical sorter (the miller's bionic eye), that rejects impure or deformed kernels one by one to guarantee maximum food safety. A cleaner flour is a more stable flour during the dough maturation and proving phases because of the lower sensitivity to climate variations. Also, thanks to the only working example installed in Italy of the particle size meter (the miller's bionic hand), which measures every particle with laser accuracy for a more even flour.

Petra and the Environment.

Petra is the daughter of traditional and sustainable agriculture. And the second is her preferred one. The stone-milled wheat grows using integrated farming techniques, whereas cylinder-milled wheat comes from organic or traditional farming. Molino Quaglia drives farmers to convert to sustainable models of (integrated, organic, or biodynamic) farming by paying a higher price to set off the lower yield.

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