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Latteria Sorrentina Smoked Provola Mozzarella Cheese - PRE-ORDER

Latteria Sorrentina Smoked Provola Mozzarella, available now as a 1kg Filone at Ratton Pantry. Widely renowned as the best cheese topping for pizzas, this Smoked Provola Mozzarella provides a beautiful smokey tasting cheese.

This product brings together artisanal craftsmanship and high-technology of the most innovative food preservation systems.

Its smokey flavour gives it a uniqueness derived from the ancient way of storing and seasoning with smoke.

The classical and smoked Provola cheese, are a spun paste (in Italian pasta filata) cheese products, typical of the culinary tradition of the South, and are obtained by processing cow’s milk, in different forms and different weight.

This food looks a lot like the seasoned mozzarella and in Campania they use the smoking technique and is often used the buffalo milk to make cheese.
The origins of smoked cheese seem to go back in the medieval period, which was made for the first time by the monks and on this there are some testimonies from the seventeenth century, when the smoked cheese became the protagonist of the Neapolitan cribs.

    This product will come with a minimum of 7 days shelf life and a maximum of 3 weeks. Not going to use all of the cheese within its shelf life? This cheese freezes well due to its medium water content. Simple portion up, pop it in the freezer, and then bring it out to defrost a couple of hours before you need to use it.


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