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Bruern Farms Miller's Choice Heritage Stoneground Wholemeal Flour

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Ratton Pantry is proud to be stocking and supporting Bruern Farms, who offer a range of British artisan regenerative flours.

Miller's Choice Heritage Stoneground Wholemeal Flour is made from a blend of wholemeal heritage grains that provides a flavoursome flour packed full of minerals, vitamins and fibre. Perfect for baking bread, biscuits and pastry.

Blended in the field, sifted at source and stoneground milled on-estate to produce an exceptionally nutritious and flavoursome wholemeal flour.

Field Location: 51.870013, -1.618771

Protein: 12%
Hagberg: 304

The provenance of Bruern Farms' grain is key. Their grain is grown, milled and bagged exclusively by them at Bruern Farms. Nothing is added to it and, unless stated, all blending is done in the field, not in the mill. Local to Bruern Farms means being able to show you the exact field that the grain came from. 

Because Bruern mill under 500 tonnes a year, by law they are not required to put additives in their flour. Bruern Farms wholemeal flour is full of nutrients such as fibre, calcium, iron and magnesium. They don’t need to add anything to make it taste great or for it to be good for you. This is the absolute best you could get.

"Through our own farming methods, we are challenging conventional ways of farming and food production. We are forging the way ahead against the current agri-business system, through direct sales of food to our community and seed ownership, and through pioneering methods of farming that don’t fall into the well-trodden current system".

No added ingredients or fortification.

Available in 1kg bags.

Buy Bruern Farms Miller's Choice Heritage Stoneground Wholemeal Flour at Ratton Pantry.

About Bruern Farms | Oxfordshire | Est. 1946

Bruern Farms flour is used by many independent bakeries and restaurants across the UK. These bakers and chefs are keen to work with the best quality flour they can find and to be part of our community.

All Bruern Farms flour is milled on their new American Stone Mill from Vermont, USA. The stone, Barre Grey Granite, has exceptionally fine grain as well as a very low thermal mass, ensuring it stays cooler when milling. This in turn helps protect nutrients in the grain from heat damage.

“Diversity is the key to a healthy world - diversity in our hedgerows, woodland, fields and grain varieties. The community of bakers we engage with is essential to what we grow and how we grow. We are always trying to provide a variety of grains grown in a sustainable way- but ones that bakers of all skill levels are able to use.”

“The health of the environment, of the land itself and of our community, have been our priorities and that is why provenance and transparency have always been held close. All our flour comes from Bruern Farms and we encourage bakers to come see the fields in which the grain is grown”.

“We see our work as very much challenging the current agri-business model to create an alternative economy that increases diversity; engages buyers; shortens the supply chain and empowers farmers.”


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