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Unfortified Flour, Unenriched Flour, Non-Additive Flour & Pure Flour

At Ratton Pantry we offer a range of non-fortified flour, unenriched flour, non-additive flour and pure flours across a range of wholemeal flour, rye flour, spelt flour and other ancient grain flour.

Unfortified flour refers to flour that has not been enriched with additional nutrients. While unfortified flour may still contain some naturally occurring nutrients, it does not meet the specific requirements set by the UK law for fortification.

Unfortified flour is commonly used in recipes where the addition of specific nutrients is not necessary or desired. For example, in certain baking techniques or traditional recipes, unfortified flour allows for more control over the final product's texture and flavour.

Buy non-fortified flour, unenriched flour, non-additive flour and pure flours at Ratton Pantry.