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Molino Quaglia Petra 9 Integrale Italian Stoneground Wholegrain Flour - 12.5kg

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Petra 9 is a 100% soft wheat flour from climate selection, stone ground with the innovative augmented stone milling process for a perfect optical grain selection and controlled sieving and calibration in the most advanced industrial milling plant in Italy. A more complete flour source of noble fibers and with a balanced content of the different parts of the grain including the wheat germ.

This flour is ideal for all types of processing, with adequate kneading it can develop a strong and extensible gluten, it is also a whole wheat flour.

Thanks to these characteristics, Petra 9 ensures an excellent production yield, high absorption of liquids and a prolonged duration of the mix.

It is used for all types of large and small-sized bread, all types of sweet leavened products, shortcrust pastry, sponge cake, whipped butter, all types of pizza, fresh pasta.

Blend of 100% soft grains from climate selection, ground with the innovative augmented stone milling process after careful optical selection of the best grains and subsequent industrial calibration of the technological profile to give stability of performance to a flour as tasty and rich as it once was. Soft wheat with ideal characteristics for the type of finished product indicated. Extreme purity and wholesomeness of the product guaranteed by the modern stone grinding system.

After careful optical selection of the healthy grains, the wheat enters the mill following a process that reconciles the merits of the stone wheels with those of the cast iron cylinders, giving life to flours rich in taste and nutrients like those of the past, but with performance technologies of a modern flour. This unique process of grinding and sifting gives life to a line of flours with more fibers, which stand out for their state-of-the-art technological characteristics, introducing new standards of performance stability in the doughs of bread, pizza and leavened desserts.

Wholemeal soft wheat flour.
It may contain traces of soy.

Protein: 14.4%

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About Molino Quaglia, Petra Flours

Over time flour has lost its identity, so much so that still today, main consider it a low value ingredient. From its very origin in 1913, Molino Quaglia has been committed to giving flour an irreplaceable quality, strong in the knowledge that the true ingredient is the original wheat, and flour is its dough form. The miller’s task is choosing every year the best wheat and to process it with care, respecting its nutritional properties and full taste.


Contains Wheat. May contain Soya.

Country of Origin


Nutrition Typical Values per 100g
of which saturates
Carbohydrate 63.1g
of which sugars 1.1g
Fibre 8.1g
Protein 14.4g
Salt 0.01g

Allergy Advice:
For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.

Flour is a raw ingredient and must be cooked or baked before eating.


To keep this flour at its very best never let the flour become damp. Store in a cool, dry place, allow good air circulation.

Legal Disclaimer

Product Packed On A Premises that handles Nuts, Seed, Soya & Sesame

Buy Molino Quaglia Petra 9 Integrale Italian Stoneground Wholegrain Flour at Ratton Pantry.


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