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Wildfarmed Regenerative Flour

Ratton Pantry champions sustainable brands, and they don't come much more environmentally conscious than Wildfarmed. Reinventing and revolutionising the way land is farmed, Wildfarmed has set out to challenge the way our crops are grown through low-input farming methods, which not only produces a superior end product but also saves our planet along the way.

Founded by award-winning farmer Andy Cato, half of the late-’90s electronic music duo Groove Armada, and joined by fellow convert George Lamb and Edd Lees, the trio set out on a quest to make a change. In essence, their approach was simple. They effectively rolled up and rationalised the huge issue of climate change into a bite-sized concept around the food choices we make every day, an idea that could be adopted in the home. Fix food, fix the planet. It's deliciously simple.

Wildfarmed combines the best of nature with modern technology. "We farm differently, putting soil health first. Allowing us to grow tasty, nutritious food, in a way that heals the planet."

Wildfarmed work with farmers embracing regenerative approaches to improve farm biodiversity and soil condition. They grow all their crops without the use of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. They are creating a traceable field to plate network which allows consumers to participate in the restoration of soil and biodiversity.

"If we can get grasses, trees, and perennial plants of all kinds back into the “fields of single crops” that cover two-thirds of the country, we can make agriculture a solution to our biodiversity and climate crises rather than a contributor. That’s our mission".

Wildfarmed, despite being a relative newcomer to the farming world, is already making a significant impact. Their growers include some of the leading lights of the U.K. regenerative movement.

Wildfarmed offers a great selection of kind-to-the-planet flours including strong white bread flour, wholemeal flour, all-purpose (plain) flour, cake flour and pizza & flatbread flour. Their incredible products come in either 1.5kg bags or 16kg sacks, to suit both the home-baker and business.

Their flour is some of the best we've ever used and their story is truly inspirational. Wildfarmed represents a brand that we can get behind, a selection of flour that we're thoroughly proud to be selling, and a hugely important movement that we're only too happy to be supporting.

Buy Wildfarmed flour at Ratton Pantry.