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Casillo Semola Rimacinata Semolina - 1kg

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Casillo Semola Rimacinata 'Top' 1Kg is a superior flour crafted for pizzerias and bakeries aiming to recreate the authentic textures and flavours of Italy’s most cherished bakery items, including traditional southern pizzas, focaccias, and bread.

Authentic Italian Quality: Made from the finest European durum wheat, this flour is pivotal for producing Italian bakery items like pizzas and breads that boast the coveted crisp crust and airy, tender crumb.

Perfect for Puglia Pizza and Artisan Breads: This flour's finely re-milled texture and strong gluten content are ideal for achieving the air pockets typical of southern Italian pizza crusts and artisan breads. Particularly effective for Puglia-style pizza, it delivers a slightly coarser texture that enhances the crunch, making it especially good for ‘opening the pizza' and stretching the dough.

Broad Baking Versatility: While exceptionally suited for traditional Puglia pizzas and bread, this flour's attributes also enhance a wide range of baked goods, from savoury focaccias to other regional specialities, though it is not intended for pastries.

Technical Specifications for Optimal Baking Performance:

Protein Content: 13% (dry basis), crucial for developing strong gluten networks, fundamental for the structure and texture of bakery products.

Water Absorption: 60%, indicating excellent hydration properties, crucial for consistent dough.

Dough Stability: 5 minutes, showcasing the dough's resilience during mixing and kneading.

Falling Number (FN): 420 seconds, a measure of the flour’s enzymatic activity, crucial for controlling fermentation and rise.

    About Casillo

    Born on 26 December 1938 in San Severo to a family from Campania, Vincenzo Casillo spent his childhood playing in the courtyard of the mill owned by his father and uncles who gave him the passion for wheat that would accompany him throughout his life.

    Since he showed strong entrepreneurial skills, Vincenzo decided to modernise the plants and expand the market, contributing to an economic growth that would turn the north of Bari into one of the most flourishing craft and industrial areas in southern Italy. He expanded the plant, built silos in reinforced concrete (among the first built in southern Italy), and introduced the mechanical handling of raw materials in bulk, which replaced the previous type of handling in bags.

    From this moment on, the small original milling plant was transformed into a complex and diversified Industrial Group. There was a further development of the Group in 1990 when the children joined the business and became the protagonists of an acceleration in the company's development that projected the family business onto the international market.

    After his death on 12 June 2006, his children and his wife Vanda Patruno set up the Vincenzo Casillo Foundation in his honour with the aim of contributing to a development that can become the basis for a healthy and productive social fabric and restore value to the territory in which Vincenzo Casillo worked.

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