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Ermes Fontana Sliced Salsiccia Napoli Italian Spicy Salami - 500g

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Following the Neapolitan recipe, this salami is mainly produced with roughly ground, lightly spiced pork meat. Hand-cut slices are compact. Hot spices create a perfect harmony of fragrances and flavours.

Just spicy enough, flavourful, and superior quality. Salsiccia Napoli Piccante Salami is for those who love spicy flavours, perfect also as a pizza topping!


Fontana Ermes: an important name in the important history of the production of charcuterie in Parma.

Continuing the family tradition, since he was a child Mr Fontana Ermes used to go with his father during winter season to kill pigs raised in the farms of each family. That was a big responsability due to the high value of pork meat, which was fundamental for peasant families’ diet throughout the year.

For this reason, those who carried out this job with competence and ability were respected and appreciated. Starting the production was just the natural outcome of that job. Mr Fontana Ermes began his business in 1959 with the salting of 17 fresh thighs: from them, he produced hams and found the buyer even before they were cured. That was the result of the respect people had for his job.


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