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Mutti Italian Polpa Finely Chopped Tomatoes - 400g

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Mutti's finest chopped tomato pulp is made with 100% tomatoes grown in Italy. Freshly processed, this tomato pulp retains all the flavor of the freshly picked tomato. Suitable for sauces and to dress pizza.

Sun-ripened 100% Italian tomatoes from Emilia Romagna and a pinch of Mediterranean sea salt. Picked when perfectly ripe, cold crushed, and processed with Mutti's patented technique to capture the flavor of just-harvested tomatoes.

Also available in 5kg Pouches.

The Mutti tomato pulp in very fine pieces maintains all the freshness of the freshly picked tomato. It is a unique product because it combines the pulpy part of tomato juice, chopped into very fine pieces, a feature that makes it resistant to long cooking, even at high temperatures, such as that in the oven.

It is ideal for homemade pizza, to prepare recipes based on meat, vegetables or legumes and to dress fresh semolina or egg pasta. The Mutti tomato pulp is produced with 100% Italian tomatoes.

Ingredients: Tomato 99.8%, Salt.

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About Mutti.

Our mission as a company is to raise the tomato to its highest expression. This passion has driven us for 120 years. Even today we are still learning new things about this wonderful fruit and constantly improving every aspect of its production to make the best tomato products we possibly can.

From the beginning, Mutti was a family farm connected to and reliant upon nature. This remains true today. We have a responsibility to the environment and we take this very seriously. We are committed to protecting the diversity and vitality of our environment to ensure long term sustainability.


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