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Ratton Pantry Rene Strgar @renespizzaplace

Ratton Pantry Partner: Rene Strgar @renespizzaplace

Ratton Pantry Partner  Rene Strgar  @renespizzaplace

Rene Strgar (@renespizzaplace) - Follow & Learn More

When it comes to pizza, and more specifically sourdough pizza, Rene is your go-to pizzaiolo. Rene has grown a huge following not only for the work-of-art pizzas that he creates but also for his impressive online presence, inspirational content, sourdough pizza recipes and official Gozney Ambassador status.

Ratton Pantry Partners are select bakers, cooks and pizzaiolos that we work closely with to create unique and relevant content, ultimately enriching our community. We're very proud to announce Rene as a Ratton Pantry Partner and are excited for the great content that we'll be creating together moving forward.

Ratton Pantry Partner  Rene Strgar  @renespizzaplace

"I got inspired and motivated to try and bake sourdough pizza at home"


I am a Creative Director, Filmmaker and Photographer. I have always loved cooking, baking, and trying new craft beers, and love to film food-related stuff. I love sourdough products, especially pizza! Since I moved to London and tried all those amazing sourdough pizzas from different restaurants, I got inspired and motivated to try and bake sourdough pizza at home.

"My passion for pizza jumped to the next level."

I used my home kitchen oven, which was great but not like those in pizzerias. Then, after 3 years of baking pizzas in my home kitchen oven, I got my first outdoor pizza oven, which was a game-changer. My passion for pizza jumped to the next level.

I love baking pizzas and taking photos and videos of them in our JRV studio. It’s so relaxing and it makes me happy! I get the same warm feelings while I’m skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding. I can turn off my brain and just do what I love. During the lockdown, I was working at home and had more time to bake and develop some recipes and here I am, with my fresh sourdough pizza and sourdough-related stuff blog & Instagram!

I’ll post tips and tricks learned on my sourdough pizza journey and everything about good quality ingredients, foods, and pizza!

Ratton Pantry Partner  Rene Strgar  @renespizzaplace


As a Gozney ambassador, Rene is featured regularly using their incredible ovens. Rene's Gozney Dome, Roccbox and brand new Arc XL are his go-to ovens when hosting his pizza pop ups and classes across London and Europe.

World renowned and widely accepted as one of the best makers of outdoor ovens out there, Gozney offers a range of different size ovens to cater to your needs, all of which allow you to make exceptions pizzas at home. Ratton Pantry runs a Gozney Dome and we regularly cook on it for events, demos and staff family meals.


After so many good reviews and feedback, about my sourdough pizzas, I decided to launch my Rene’s Pizza Place here in London. I can't wait to share all the sourdough pizzas with you! Our pizza POP-UP is in collaboration with taprooms & pubs, please stay tuned and follow us on social media for updates and dates.

Expect artisan, long-fermented sourdough pizzas inspired by Naples, made in London. The pizzas we bake are made by hand with no shortcuts, from the finest British & Italian ingredients, organic where possible. Our pizzas are made from 100% sourdough, long-fermented (over 40 hours), resulting in an incredibly light and delicious, easy to digest dough.

Ratton Pantry Partner  Rene Strgar  @renespizzaplace
Ratton Pantry Partner  Rene Strgar  @renespizzaplace



- 400g flour (23°C) @molinipizzuti

- 100g flour Pizzuti 1”

- 120g starter (23°c)

- 320g water (23.3°C)

- 12.5g salt


1. Autolyse: Mix 400g flour (Pizzuti), 100g flour Pizzuti, 1”, 310g water. Cover & Let it rest for 45 minutes.

2. Final mix: Add 120g starter, 10g water & 13g salt to the autolyzed mixture, mix until everything is combined. Cover & set on the side for 35 mins.

3. Stretch & Fold (S&F): Perform 4 sets of stretch and folds every 35 minutes, with a 45-minute open rest after the final set.

4. CT: Place the dough in the fridge around 3 pm.

5. Shaping: Take the dough out of the fridge at 9-10 pm and shape it into balls & cover, put it back in the fridge.

6. Proofing: Allow the dough balls to CT ferment at least until 11 am the next day.

7. Baking: At 11 am Take dough balls out of the fridge 4-7 hrs before baking. Bake at 450°C in your pizza oven. Enjoy your delicious 24-30hrs fermented sourdough pizza!



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